Just some random updates

Hello all, I am happy to announce that there are now 51 people on this planet following my blog AKA journal.

My Bet with Bobbi Kay ended; it’s hard to say who won. She got 251 before I did, the final tally was 262 to 207.  Her ‘barking slippers’ (aka little lap dogs on her cover) were prettier than my demon.  Of course now she owes me a 6 pack of Mike’s smash apple so I won as well!

Book 3 is underway, it have done more research for this one because the subject matter is trickier. I want the story, like all of them I write, to have a core reality that I can screw without anyone suddenly going nuts, or setting off the readers BS detectors.

To that end, one of the characters I gave a description to, plotted out all his credentials, set a tone for his words, noted his voice and in scrivener even put down. Unlike other characters that I like, I can’t decide a name for him.  My UBerfan said to call him Tyler, but that’s only a first name.

I have 5500 words typed so far, but 4500 are all research..

Still thanks to scrivener, I am better able to keep my information sorted, so we will see how this book goes.  I tend to get one ‘done’ every 4 months, (from blank sheet of paper to ‘do you speak English’ reaction from my editor.)  if scrivener can keep my random thoughts organized. Book 3 could be done by the time I am hoping to get book 1 out.

Until then everyone enjoy the holidays, and give a thought to what we are celebrating!


2 thoughts on “Just some random updates

    • I try not to watch page or word counts. The reason it caught my attention was it struck me that this is the first time where my research notes actually had a word count! Of course there is a huge difference between try and succeed


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