The Joys of Editing

Greetings all,

Sorry for no updates. Feels like forever since my last one.  There is not much news right now, my DUI submissions were all returned, as expected rejected. This time it was NOT a surprise.

My writing in the book is rough. Between the run on sentences, The redundant statements that are redundant, the excessive use of THAT and AND and of course, my, love, of, Comma, when, working, on, a, sentence. It was expected. when I started to send I thought, a publisher will help me get this all fixed up.  it turns out I will help my self fix it up, if I end up going traditional (not likely but not impossible either) maybe they will on the next books.

Honestly I hate editing, although I can see why it needs to happen.

I have made it about 1/3 of the way thru the revision of the first book.  A couple of tricks I am using now (if  anyone cares)[actually I am using them even if NO one cares, after all they help me and that’s what matters]  I open the manuscript in scrivener, export it to word then order all the AND’s replaced with — all of the THAT’S are replaced with !!!! and the commas with a rousing ^. The result is the document turns all sorts of red, blue and green as I shatter every sentence. Ok that’s an exaggeration; I only get about 1 sentence out of 15 that get kicked.

I am still dreaming of publishing by December. The new technique I use is helping me find my problems MUCH faster while having me re-read the story to get the flow of the broken sentences.

I will be replacing my ‘chapter 1’ excerpt with a newly edited version, and if we are lucky I will be launching an author web page soon. Not that I am going to stop posting to my blog, but I am going to tie it to another platform so I can do new things.

Final note, I have completed a new ‘version’ of Rakasha.  It’s not a retelling but set in a different time and place.  The story is, to me at least interesting. Anyone wants a copy to review, say the word. I should have it back by the weekend and ready for any readers.


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