The Rakasha is coming The Rakasha is coming

last night I got the email I have been waiting for,  the Rakasha files were ‘approved’ by Amazon/CreateSpace.

this whole self publish thing is interesting,  I do know that I will never be working on the files this close to the release date ever again.  I told all of you why I was pushing for this, but still….

CreateSpace has been a good option, but I have noted a couple of things…

1) Double Triple Check your files!!  I put up one that had a misspelled word and a missing punctuation mark, and a missing last name in the dedication. when I put you a new version with these repairs, they made me wait 24 hours before I could work with it again [while they re-approved it]  I can understand why,  even if I don’t like the timing

2) Cover art is tricky,  I will be anxious to see how the physical book looks.  I know I will want to fix the cover a little bit more, but that will have to wait till I have my shipping number, so that the copy I really really need is in hand before I start trying to fix things.

3) of all the resources you need to have to put on a good book, TIME is the trickiest one.  publishing moves at a snail’s pace – pushing deadlines is like trying to push a cliff out-of-the-way,  just not going to happen.

4) Approval by Amazon does not mean there were no spelling or punctuations errors,  I don’t know what they were looking for, but that wasnt it – based on the fact that I had examples of both.  My professional editor had gone through it already, but I changed the dedication page – being sure that I put my friends names in there properly.

I am planing on using twitter to get the word out, and hopefully some of my faithful followers will be helping. I also am not going to be an asshat about it,  I have a dozen funny tweets, and a couple interesting links, and peppered in there will be “My book is coming my book is coming” (I may not be an asshat, but I still need to promote my work)

I also am  going to stay true to what I said, and not do a ‘get me so many followers or likers and I will do X for you”  your patronage is appreciated already, if you share my blog and such, it’s because you enjoy it and are looking forward to future entries, not because your being blackmailed into sharing it so you can see a cover or a blurb or an excerpt or what ever other ‘stuff’ people do when they are playing the build a following games.

Tomorrow night  – 19:00 MST I am revealing the cover !  [7Pm being the perfect time, late enough everyone is inside, early enough they are probably still sober!]

enjoy your day!



Rakasha Tales is coming- No matter what

My first published ‘book’ he novella “Rakasha Tales” will be out in a few days.  I know this sounds like more of a press release/update, but in truth the date is set in my mind no matter what else is going on.

I am pushing my artists, pushing my editor, blackmailing and coerced anyone that I need to in order to make sure that this date is meet.

For those of you that are fellow authors and are already typing the sentence in your head “just let it happen, no need to obsess on the release date, you can put it off a day or three or even a month, better to release at a perfect time then to rush things” that is sound advice, and in fact if I were reading this blog myself I probably would be giving it. After all publishing is a very zen process. You have to have so many things ‘right’ it’s almost frightening.  Pushing just because you have a date in mind is suicide.

Except, this time is very different.  My mother has been in the hospital/care facility for over a year, and the last 4 days something has changed, not for the better. I have a feeling, an instinct that says if I want her to see my name on the novella and see that I have made a shot at my dream it needs to be done sooner than later. To this end, I have changed several publishing assignments, and been pushing those involved to keep to their promised deadlines.  

I have also been lucky; someone (who will remain anonymous unless they wish to be outed) has helped me with several missing steps/parts.

I am still doing the ‘cover reveal’ still doing the blurb reveal and still doing the ‘yippee it’s out free days’ thing, but they are going to be far closer together than normal. Some of the games that I see others do I am going to skip. The “get me X00 likes and I will reveal cover or whatever.  I don’t like those games; I find it somewhat narcissistic to say “I will sample my greatness if you annoy your friends for me to get them to sign” 

 Add that to an UBerfan that keeps me from panicking too far, and this is really going to happen. 

Right now things are ‘stable’ I won’t have to sacrifice quality to meet the deadline, ask me again in 3 days if that’s still the case..

(sorry if this is a bit more personal then we are all used to, but even us Authors are human)

the Pain of Marketing!

Hello all,

nothing much to report today,  a personal distraction took the wind out of my sails, and I have spent part of the day on family business.

<sigh> its days like this I wish I could just crawl back into my cave and write.

I have spent far too much time working on my blurb and Tag line for the novella that I am releasing later this month (I would tell you to watch for it, but we all know you won’t have to look too hard, I will be pressing it as much as I can)  I will post these when I decide on which one I am going with.

After much debate, I am going to keep it in the Horror and  Paranormal Genre on Amazon.  I will also be doing KDP select, and first 2 days its up it will be 100% free (and again I will be letting everyone know about that as well, with luck some of you will even share this news)

The time frame is tight, but without going too far into my personal life lets just say it HAS to happen! I am already rolling the dice waiting 2 more weeks.

[and no it’s not about money, I solidly expect to lose money on this, just settle for I have a reason – one I will explain much later]

another funny note:  I noticed someone who I follow Shannon Thompson just celebrated her 22nd birthday. I smiled and thought “I should send her a copy of the book as a birthday gift”  of course the problem there is 2 fold.

1) I don’t know if she likes horror.

2) There is no way to do it with out coming across as a self-serving ass hat.

Granted from what I can tell this young woman would accept the gift with style and grace but its unfair to even put her in that spot.  Hopefully its the thought that counts.

Being just a few days from release, everything I do is now marketing,  even this blog entry could be viewed as such.  I do have a list of bloggers that I will send/offer the book to in hopes they will read/review and spread the good word. I also have a list of people who I am going to give the book to that are not marketing, but personal (my wife, my mom, a couple of writers I personally know IE People that may not impact my sales even a little bit)

it’s all about Marketing, and Marketing is a PAIN!

I would love to say once this book publishes I will be an Author, but in this case, I will be a writer with a book – author is still a few steps away.

Embracing my insanity

after several attempts to hide my insanity I am going to finally come to terms with it.

as many of you reading know – I am in final editing before submitting to a real editor my first Novel.  I also have a collection of short stories, that I have little clue with to do with.

so to test the waters going forward with a POD, I merged 3 of them together, and created my first book – Rakasha Tales.

I am working on blackmailing/coercing/convincing an editor to take a look at it. and I am working on finding a book cover for it.  Someone did a drawing for me that was cute, but somehow the image of grandma buying the book and reading it to little 8-year-old Becky, while it makes my inner bastard smile (and the outer one too)

can you see the silver-haired granny sitting on Becky’s bed and reading

She licked at the wound on his arm, and suddenly all
of the pain stopped, replaced by a euphoric high.  This was better than the time he mixed coke,
meth and weed. “

the only good news for Little Becky is that this passage happens right before the Tiger Demon eats the poor man (while he is alive and awake and aware)

I am thinking taking the disclaimer from south park “this book is offensive and no one anywhere should ever watch it” and using it for these stories. they are horror, they are gory, they are gross, they have drug references, sexual situations, mature themes and immature humor.

I’m bound to piss off someone I am sure.

I will let you all know when it is available on Amazon for Free, other wise the physical book will be 4.00 and the Ebook .99

the main goal is to see how well Create Space does POD, how the customer interface is, how easy to deal with and how easy to link to my author page.  This idea is either brilliant, or just plain nuts!  or both.

My Pitch

Manuscript Title: Jamie Ryder:Possessed

Author: Robert B. Davis

Age group: NA

Genre: New Adult

Word count:89K

250 word blurb:

Jamie Ryder was a normal College athlete, other than being technically deaf. She had her best guy Chris, Her mom, her family, her studies and her sports.  Life seemed normal enough.

She is just learning about the world of adult hood when one night, after sneaking into a club with her friends, she encounters the Demon Ivan.

Jamie has accidentally wandered into a war between witches and Demons. Ivan possessed her using Jamie as a ‘suit’ to escape an ambush.

Now her life has been turned upside down! The Demon is stuck in her head, adding confusion to an already confused time in her life.  Ivan’s sister wants to him free, even if that means killing Jamie, or destroying her life.

Ivan’s girlfriend Olivia is helping Jamie and face the challenge of freeing Ivan while dealing with all the problems a demon brings to their life.

As the Demonic world expands, Jamie discovers family friends she has known for years are demon hunters and witches.  Even one of her professors is involved with this new reality.

Can Jamie find a way to survive and thrive? What will this new knowledge going cost her and those she cares about?


Maybe its the Author juice, or maybe tis because I am not doing anything publishing today – but I am linking my blog to an indie publisher looking for NA Novel and seeing what happens.

odds are they will reject it, but at least I can say I did something today on the publishing front. I need to work on blurb and query writing. If I ever get those skills down, I can look at traditional housed, but for the moment I am going to work more on my Indie path.  My Editor returned the manuscript with only a few hundred things to repair.

Also  tomorrow I have meeting with a photographer to work on the publicity campaign.

How to be a Happy COW (Child of Writer)

So as some of you noted from comments, I was asked about COW (Child of Writer) this is an even broader subject then POW & WOW so I will start by narrowing it down.  If you are a semi –mature, living on your own, human being (possible with spawn of your own) and your Parental unit suddenly wishes to become a writer, you’re out of luck. I have no advice for you, or at least not in this article.

This is for the small ones.  First of all, congratulations. If your dad is the writer, you are one in a million.  Twenty years ago male writers were not considered adequate breeding stock. The odds of you being conceived, even when adjusted by the level of alcohol your mother drank before meeting your dad, would never creep above the “not really going to happen” level.  Now adays, a writer can hide this mental condition until they are able to knock up whatever human female dropped her guard long enough.

If your writer is a mom, the odds of your birth go up by an astronomical amount. While it is a cliché to say that you could put a 600Lb troll in a dress, stick it in a bar and someone would take it home. It is none the less true.

So what does being a COW mean?  A couple of things.  First and foremost – never lie to your parents.  A typical child can lie, get caught and get grounded for a week. You however are a COW, your lies not only will be seen through as fast as your counter parts, but will be judged on the quality.  Often it will end something like this “Little Johnny, your protagonist actions are unrealistic and you used a passive voice in addition to poor word choice, your pacing mood and tone are completely out of sync your grounded for a week for lying, and a month for poor story telling”

A good cow will also learn to read their writer. Asking if you can go to the park to play just as they are sitting down to write probably won’t get the desired result.  But once their fingers are flying and they are staring a hole in their computer screen, that’s when you ask if you can take out some kitchen chemicals to try a recipe you found on-line.  Your writer will be so distracted, that you won’t end up in trouble and they will have to explain to their spouse where your eyebrows are.

The last note is if you have to give your writer a letter from the school, its best to wait till they are in editing mode.  This mode is easy to see, they are moving the mouse, up and down, talking a lot but not really writing.  This is when to present the letter from the principal about the incident at school. Your writer will be so locked into editing, they will correct the English and grammar they will miss the letters meaning.  Your writer will write a reply something like this:

                  Dear Mr. Principal,

                  Concerning your letter about little Johnny: When listing responding agencies you should separate them with a comma – using an ‘And’ in front of the last one. It should have read Police, Fire, Paramedics, FBI and the EPA.  Also, while you can use a contraction School’s for School Has, it can be confusing. Next time just use a ‘THE’ in front. The sentence should have read ‘THE school HAS been rendered uninhabitable’ and in closing when listing possible consequences, please note the proper spelling is expulsion. It is also redundant to mention a jail sentence on top of expulsion, being as I doubt you can, in fact do both.

Little Johnny’s writer

So being a COW is a manageable condition, it’s also a kick. Your writer will want to research things, and will take you along both to attempt to bond and to gain your young insights.  Rock climbing, off roading, Paint ball arenas, Concerts, the list is endless of the actions your writer will want to take with you in order to experience something new, even if they are doing it through your eyes.

And on a final note: if your writer does horror don’t tell them there is a monster under your bed, they will only ask you to describe it.


I know I promised to do an article about COW! (Child of Writer) but (in my best cheesy news man voice) “We interrupt this blog to bring you some breaking news”

[for those of you following me on face book at!/RobertDavisAuthor you’ve already heard some of this

1) I have an author page ( a web-based page)  I will be putting up the link to it once the paint is dry.  [fear not I am not done posting here, just giving a single point to all my ‘stuff’]

2) I am now working free-lance tech while still job hunting.

3) I have an investor to cover the cost of the e-book production

I will be giving my thanks to this person for ever, and I will be finally turning my manuscript into a book. I am going to resend it, once I get it back to 2 publishers whose rejections were not outright, but honestly I don’t know that I am going that route, even if they offer, it would depend on the offer.

All of this is exciting, scary, exhilarating, and daunting all at the same time!

Author Juice required…..

World, get ready to meet Jamie Ryder!