Where the heck did I go?

When I started this blog, I defined the difference between an author and a writer in very simple terms, an Author makes money writing.

At the time it was simple.

Now that I am taking a much closer look at the world, I can also tell it is simplistic! See for an Author to make money, he has to get his name and product out there, and to do that they have to master Social media, Internet searches, they have to create a Domain, they have to create a brand, they have to generate interest in their work, and while trying to do all of that, (and most of them also have to work real jobs to be able to afford to do any of that) they need to perfect their crafts, develop skills beyond their fiction/non-fiction writing.

Add on the fact they also need to find time to write and its little wonder that so many fail.  Not that it’s all that hard, I am managing to get it started.  It that it is a lot of work! Most people don’t want to start developing skills, they just want to write.  I have to admit I also feel that way at times, but my desire to succeed, IE put my work out and have it read and appreciated, is more important to me then my personal feelings about the skills I need to develop.

On a related note I will be starting a new website for myself – but fear not, it won’t change this blog, really it will just make finding this blog, my other blog, any ‘stuff’ from Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin, Tumblr,  and Pintrest as well as other offerings (cover art, links to where you can find my work) I am even going to have an opt in Email thing where I send people the book 1 section a week. [The theory there is after a couple of weeks the readers will be enthralled enough with my heroine that they will spend the X.99 on amazon to get the rest of the book!] Should be really exciting!

More updates when I have them!  Otherwise happy writing everyone.

and I promise the how to be a COW (Child of Writer)  is coming, maybe a day or so 😀


3 thoughts on “Where the heck did I go?

  1. I just wish I could do something heroic like rescue a kid from a burning building or foil a bank robbery. Make national news, announce I’ve written 2 books, and Voila! (Do you know anyone who would volunteer? Ideally someone suicidal in case I fail.)


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