I know I promised to do an article about COW! (Child of Writer) but (in my best cheesy news man voice) “We interrupt this blog to bring you some breaking news”

[for those of you following me on face book at!/RobertDavisAuthor you’ve already heard some of this

1) I have an author page ( a web-based page)  I will be putting up the link to it once the paint is dry.  [fear not I am not done posting here, just giving a single point to all my ‘stuff’]

2) I am now working free-lance tech while still job hunting.

3) I have an investor to cover the cost of the e-book production

I will be giving my thanks to this person for ever, and I will be finally turning my manuscript into a book. I am going to resend it, once I get it back to 2 publishers whose rejections were not outright, but honestly I don’t know that I am going that route, even if they offer, it would depend on the offer.

All of this is exciting, scary, exhilarating, and daunting all at the same time!

Author Juice required…..

World, get ready to meet Jamie Ryder!



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