My Pitch

Manuscript Title: Jamie Ryder:Possessed

Author: Robert B. Davis

Age group: NA

Genre: New Adult

Word count:89K

250 word blurb:

Jamie Ryder was a normal College athlete, other than being technically deaf. She had her best guy Chris, Her mom, her family, her studies and her sports.  Life seemed normal enough.

She is just learning about the world of adult hood when one night, after sneaking into a club with her friends, she encounters the Demon Ivan.

Jamie has accidentally wandered into a war between witches and Demons. Ivan possessed her using Jamie as a ‘suit’ to escape an ambush.

Now her life has been turned upside down! The Demon is stuck in her head, adding confusion to an already confused time in her life.  Ivan’s sister wants to him free, even if that means killing Jamie, or destroying her life.

Ivan’s girlfriend Olivia is helping Jamie and face the challenge of freeing Ivan while dealing with all the problems a demon brings to their life.

As the Demonic world expands, Jamie discovers family friends she has known for years are demon hunters and witches.  Even one of her professors is involved with this new reality.

Can Jamie find a way to survive and thrive? What will this new knowledge going cost her and those she cares about?


Maybe its the Author juice, or maybe tis because I am not doing anything publishing today – but I am linking my blog to an indie publisher looking for NA Novel and seeing what happens.

odds are they will reject it, but at least I can say I did something today on the publishing front. I need to work on blurb and query writing. If I ever get those skills down, I can look at traditional housed, but for the moment I am going to work more on my Indie path.  My Editor returned the manuscript with only a few hundred things to repair.

Also  tomorrow I have meeting with a photographer to work on the publicity campaign.


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