Embracing my insanity

after several attempts to hide my insanity I am going to finally come to terms with it.

as many of you reading know – I am in final editing before submitting to a real editor my first Novel.  I also have a collection of short stories, that I have little clue with to do with.

so to test the waters going forward with a POD, I merged 3 of them together, and created my first book – Rakasha Tales.

I am working on blackmailing/coercing/convincing an editor to take a look at it. and I am working on finding a book cover for it.  Someone did a drawing for me that was cute, but somehow the image of grandma buying the book and reading it to little 8-year-old Becky, while it makes my inner bastard smile (and the outer one too)

can you see the silver-haired granny sitting on Becky’s bed and reading

She licked at the wound on his arm, and suddenly all
of the pain stopped, replaced by a euphoric high.  This was better than the time he mixed coke,
meth and weed. “

the only good news for Little Becky is that this passage happens right before the Tiger Demon eats the poor man (while he is alive and awake and aware)

I am thinking taking the disclaimer from south park “this book is offensive and no one anywhere should ever watch it” and using it for these stories. they are horror, they are gory, they are gross, they have drug references, sexual situations, mature themes and immature humor.

I’m bound to piss off someone I am sure.

I will let you all know when it is available on Amazon for Free, other wise the physical book will be 4.00 and the Ebook .99

the main goal is to see how well Create Space does POD, how the customer interface is, how easy to deal with and how easy to link to my author page.  This idea is either brilliant, or just plain nuts!  or both.


7 thoughts on “Embracing my insanity

  1. If you are looking for an incredible artist, you should definitely check out my friend Kirsten Maloney. You can find her awesome work at deviantart.com under LunaSeas. I have a full poster print of her gypsy with a raven and a few smaller prints, as well. I think you’ll appreciate the sensuality in each line.


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