the Pain of Marketing!

Hello all,

nothing much to report today,  a personal distraction took the wind out of my sails, and I have spent part of the day on family business.

<sigh> its days like this I wish I could just crawl back into my cave and write.

I have spent far too much time working on my blurb and Tag line for the novella that I am releasing later this month (I would tell you to watch for it, but we all know you won’t have to look too hard, I will be pressing it as much as I can)  I will post these when I decide on which one I am going with.

After much debate, I am going to keep it in the Horror and  Paranormal Genre on Amazon.  I will also be doing KDP select, and first 2 days its up it will be 100% free (and again I will be letting everyone know about that as well, with luck some of you will even share this news)

The time frame is tight, but without going too far into my personal life lets just say it HAS to happen! I am already rolling the dice waiting 2 more weeks.

[and no it’s not about money, I solidly expect to lose money on this, just settle for I have a reason – one I will explain much later]

another funny note:  I noticed someone who I follow Shannon Thompson just celebrated her 22nd birthday. I smiled and thought “I should send her a copy of the book as a birthday gift”  of course the problem there is 2 fold.

1) I don’t know if she likes horror.

2) There is no way to do it with out coming across as a self-serving ass hat.

Granted from what I can tell this young woman would accept the gift with style and grace but its unfair to even put her in that spot.  Hopefully its the thought that counts.

Being just a few days from release, everything I do is now marketing,  even this blog entry could be viewed as such.  I do have a list of bloggers that I will send/offer the book to in hopes they will read/review and spread the good word. I also have a list of people who I am going to give the book to that are not marketing, but personal (my wife, my mom, a couple of writers I personally know IE People that may not impact my sales even a little bit)

it’s all about Marketing, and Marketing is a PAIN!

I would love to say once this book publishes I will be an Author, but in this case, I will be a writer with a book – author is still a few steps away.


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