Rakasha Tales is coming- No matter what

My first published ‘book’ he novella “Rakasha Tales” will be out in a few days.  I know this sounds like more of a press release/update, but in truth the date is set in my mind no matter what else is going on.

I am pushing my artists, pushing my editor, blackmailing and coerced anyone that I need to in order to make sure that this date is meet.

For those of you that are fellow authors and are already typing the sentence in your head “just let it happen, no need to obsess on the release date, you can put it off a day or three or even a month, better to release at a perfect time then to rush things” that is sound advice, and in fact if I were reading this blog myself I probably would be giving it. After all publishing is a very zen process. You have to have so many things ‘right’ it’s almost frightening.  Pushing just because you have a date in mind is suicide.

Except, this time is very different.  My mother has been in the hospital/care facility for over a year, and the last 4 days something has changed, not for the better. I have a feeling, an instinct that says if I want her to see my name on the novella and see that I have made a shot at my dream it needs to be done sooner than later. To this end, I have changed several publishing assignments, and been pushing those involved to keep to their promised deadlines.  

I have also been lucky; someone (who will remain anonymous unless they wish to be outed) has helped me with several missing steps/parts.

I am still doing the ‘cover reveal’ still doing the blurb reveal and still doing the ‘yippee it’s out free days’ thing, but they are going to be far closer together than normal. Some of the games that I see others do I am going to skip. The “get me X00 likes and I will reveal cover or whatever.  I don’t like those games; I find it somewhat narcissistic to say “I will sample my greatness if you annoy your friends for me to get them to sign” 

 Add that to an UBerfan that keeps me from panicking too far, and this is really going to happen. 

Right now things are ‘stable’ I won’t have to sacrifice quality to meet the deadline, ask me again in 3 days if that’s still the case..

(sorry if this is a bit more personal then we are all used to, but even us Authors are human)


2 thoughts on “Rakasha Tales is coming- No matter what

  1. I, for one, understand the need to meet your deadline. Were I a religious sort, I’d offer a prayer, but as it is all I can say is “You’re in my thoughts.” My own parents passed three months before my first work came out, so I can sympathize with your position. Hope things go well for you.


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