The Rakasha is coming The Rakasha is coming

last night I got the email I have been waiting for,  the Rakasha files were ‘approved’ by Amazon/CreateSpace.

this whole self publish thing is interesting,  I do know that I will never be working on the files this close to the release date ever again.  I told all of you why I was pushing for this, but still….

CreateSpace has been a good option, but I have noted a couple of things…

1) Double Triple Check your files!!  I put up one that had a misspelled word and a missing punctuation mark, and a missing last name in the dedication. when I put you a new version with these repairs, they made me wait 24 hours before I could work with it again [while they re-approved it]  I can understand why,  even if I don’t like the timing

2) Cover art is tricky,  I will be anxious to see how the physical book looks.  I know I will want to fix the cover a little bit more, but that will have to wait till I have my shipping number, so that the copy I really really need is in hand before I start trying to fix things.

3) of all the resources you need to have to put on a good book, TIME is the trickiest one.  publishing moves at a snail’s pace – pushing deadlines is like trying to push a cliff out-of-the-way,  just not going to happen.

4) Approval by Amazon does not mean there were no spelling or punctuations errors,  I don’t know what they were looking for, but that wasnt it – based on the fact that I had examples of both.  My professional editor had gone through it already, but I changed the dedication page – being sure that I put my friends names in there properly.

I am planing on using twitter to get the word out, and hopefully some of my faithful followers will be helping. I also am not going to be an asshat about it,  I have a dozen funny tweets, and a couple interesting links, and peppered in there will be “My book is coming my book is coming” (I may not be an asshat, but I still need to promote my work)

I also am  going to stay true to what I said, and not do a ‘get me so many followers or likers and I will do X for you”  your patronage is appreciated already, if you share my blog and such, it’s because you enjoy it and are looking forward to future entries, not because your being blackmailed into sharing it so you can see a cover or a blurb or an excerpt or what ever other ‘stuff’ people do when they are playing the build a following games.

Tomorrow night  – 19:00 MST I am revealing the cover !  [7Pm being the perfect time, late enough everyone is inside, early enough they are probably still sober!]

enjoy your day!



4 thoughts on “The Rakasha is coming The Rakasha is coming

  1. I suspect – having just had something flagged during the approval process – that all they’re doing is checking to make sure the elements fit the basic requirements and will go through their print process okay. The one that flagged me was due to the last letter of my name on the cover art (pre-made PDF I did on my own, not their Cover Creator software) was out of the “safe title” area. I expect the internal review does similar things, since it yells at me if I submit the files as PDF (and it counts the “white space” around the text as part of the document, but it passes review eventually), but still goes, but when actual text goes into the no-no area (caused by some fascinating conversion issues between Pages and .doc files) it resets and tells me I need to resubmit.

    There’s always the possibility they’re checking for subversive or evil content, but I really doubt it…


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