The Cover

Hello all,

As promised, this is my cover for Rakasha: Legend of the Hindi Tiger Demon.

Full cover and Wrap

Full cover and Wrap

this is both the front, and back cover, Create Space and I are still working out the ‘how’ of the cover wrap!

The art work was done by Lunasea Lunaseas: Home: Store lunaseas on deviantART and the cover work was done by Katherine Kerber

The Blurb, for those that can’t read it is

In the ancient jungles of the east stalks a creature.
An ancient Hindi Demon with a powerfully addictive bite
Dressed in the skins of breathtaking beauty, this man eater seeks more than the lives of its victims, as its bite claims their flesh and their soul. Now the creature has slipped from the jungle and walks amongst us.

Join Robert Davis in this collection of short stories as he explores the Rakasha

Over all I am very pleased with these results, and considering that I was a complete Pain in the azz “no I will not move this deadline” type for this process, I think it came out very very well.

Friday the POD is live, the Ebook will be as well (if not sooner, but Friday the Ebook is going to be free!)

its hard not  to be excited!!


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