Rakasha is now live (early ?)

Hello everyone,

Well, Rakasha launched early. Entirely because of an accident/rookie error.  You see I was waiting for CreateSpace to finish their approval process, so I hit the ‘publish to KDP button’. Simple logic, same file so when it goes live on one, its live on both…

Or not…..

Turns out they have separate approval systems, so before I ever saw my proof copies, my work was on KDP.

Of course I also got word back there were 28 errors in the work that needed to be addressed.  Annoyingly the person that pointed this all out was spot on. I can’t fault the editor I used; I gave her nowhere near enough time to edit it properly. I tend to be a ‘stream of consciousness’ type of writer so when I send out a rough, it is ROUGH. Considering there were only 28 errors, I am happy. most of them were word transpositions. where I put stripped not striped.   It wasn’t really anyones fault, (unless giving the first editor an extra day was an error, that would be my fault.) it’s just what happens when you have no time!

But I met the deadline and the books will arrive today.. except they didn’t.  Not sure where they are, but I know that I am not pleased they are delayed/late.

I will be contacting them tomorrow to find my books, and then going over to show them to my Mom.

Here is a link to the book – Rakasha  it will be up for Free on Friday, and the POD will be up as well, (4.50 is not free, but it’s as low as I can go without paying people to read it)


7 thoughts on “Rakasha is now live (early ?)

  1. Grats on making your deadline (and even being early, whatever the circumstances. 😉 ) It’s an amazing piece of work, and I can’t wait for my bank to stop being stupid so I can go click the “buy” buttons. XD

    As far as the shipping goes, I’ve noticed their tracking tends to get borked if your package spends any time in IL, for some reason. I suspect severely slacking UPS employees. But it’s hardly ever off by more than a day, so it should show up today.

    • I really hope you right about the shipping! And thanks for the reviews! I’m already working on new monster “creature features” with more demons and more humor and horror!

    • thanks – thats sort of the plan. still holding my $$ for Fridays release, but I am now finding out where I can post about it and where I can’t. hopefully I wont end up blocked on too many sites.


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