My First Free Day

Hello all,

today I am doing my first free promotion day on Amazon.

if you like horror, this is going to be one of your ‘Must read’ books.

Hope you all pick up a copy and if you like it, please leave a review!


Rakasha Ebook Cover


7 thoughts on “My First Free Day

    • ahhh would you believe that is/was the new spelling? No. Ah maybe you’d believe that it was an artistic choice? No. Would you belive that I got so excited to be doing this promo that I once again forgot the spell and word check never appies to the title ? That one you buy? Seriously thanks for point that out I try to catch my own typos, but lets just say I am as good at writing as I am bad at editing. Have a Free copy of the book on me!

      • I think your next “monster spotlight” should be on the most monstrous creature of all. The Typo Demon, known for sneaking unannounced into blogs, manuscripts and text messages everywhere, butchering the human language and leaving it a scorched ruin. Closely affiliated with the Typo Demon is the Auto Correct Monster, who was drafted as the official killer of the Typo Demon, but is unfortunately prone to leaving even worse chaos in his wake.

      • Good idea, but I will have to research those demons, so far the only thing I am sure about it that you can’t kill them with Alcohol, in fact it seems to have the opposite effect: it make them stronger!! I wonder if Autocorrect is a demon, or an angel that became corrupted?

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