The Final Verdict on CreateSpace

Hello all,

So as most of you know, my first work was put up on CreateSpace. There were various reasons for this, from needing to get it ready for my mom, to wanting to test the process with something other than my master piece Jamie Ryder: Possessed.

It also gave me time to learn to work with various people and to see where/what marketing I can do. While the marketing side I am still working on, the ideas and things I know now are going to be priceless.

So the things I have learned:

Not all artists are fruit loops or greedy, just enough of them to make it so that you need to be careful. If your artist’s first concern is how fast you are paying them, that is a red flag.  If their first concern is how you and they can team up to both get something from your book launch (you getting a killer cover & a book, with them getting credits and having you promote links to their website/sales [as well as reasonable payment]) you have someone you can work with! [and BTW – at some point, you will see me dedicate a blog post to Lunasea an artist that is well worth checking out! With links to her works She did an awesome job on my cover, and did it for a great price and with no time]

Editors need time as well as payment. The first five printed copies of my book are worthless because I rushed and pushed and did not give my editor the time she needed.  12K words edited in less than 4 hours is not enough.  Be sure when you are planning and scheduling that you give your editor time!! Rushing them only hurts you. To my fortune that mistake cost me only 30.00 (the pulped version of my books + the expedited shipping.)

When planning a date, be ready to launch early!  Createspace take UP TO 24 hour review policy so ANY change you make, will put your work on hold for 24 hours.  I submitted my first version, then notices that I misspelled a name in the dedication. 1 word and 3 periods. Simple fix – right?  Delayed my book 24 hours, once the file is submitted, you have to wait for the review process.  The answer there is simple – REVIEW IT BEFORE YOU SUBMIT.  Simple rule, but 24 hour approval process. Also realize the words UP TO = it could be an hour (unlikely) it could be 23.75 hours (also unlikely)  for me the average approval was 14 hours.

On Createsapce, one thing that they do VERY well – once they approve, you can order Proof Copies for yourself, and delay hitting the ‘publish’ button till you get one in your hand, examine the paper, look at the content and see how the layout works.  This also gives you the option to hold you approval until your release date!  Granted if you do release early, all that means is people can find and buy your work before you even put it up for sale. Not the end of the world!

One more VERY important detail, once your ISBN is assigned, the size of your book cannot be changed.  When I got my proof, someone suggested I should make it 5*8 not 5.5*8  a small change? Maybe but also an impossible change. The book was published with the 5.5*8 and now it will be that way for ever, on until I find a way to re-release it.

If you publish on Create Space, they will also help you manage with KDP – the link between the two was off, (something that should have been a red flag) but I was able to open and use the KPD submission process.  That process has fewer controls. The good thing was that my over and files were automatically submitted to KDP for review – “Up to six hours for approval” I got my in three.  Once approved, the book was automatically put up for sale. My EBook was out before my Proof copies were even printed.  Again timing wise, if the biggest problem you have is your book is for sale before you are marketing it, not the end of the world.

Overall there are a lot of things to keep in mind, The main thing is to not use createspace until you are 100% ready to launch. their tools, while powerful do not replaced skilled and professional editors, cover design and layout people.  Someone recently said in an interview “You can do it easy, or you can do it right” Sums up CreateSpeace publishing.

I will do another blog for Marketing when I know more – I do know that Goodreads seems to be an underused resource. I looked at the advertising on there, but 5K a month is beyond my budget. (far beyond my budget)

That’s why I am always happy when I can get an interview, tomorrow I am on  If anyone knows other places that want to interview authors, give me a line.

Final thought – while .99 cents is a bargain, I will be having another free day on 8/7/13 [had to put the link up = until I have the time to put a permanent link on my page here!]


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