letting them grow up.

Hello All,
Sorry for the lack of updates, I took a break from the world and decided to sit down with a new(ish) video game. I managed to play it through in less than 2 days, and while it was fun, it felt incomplete. The main thing (other than being painfully short) was that because it was a sequel to another series you could use your original characters, but at the end of the game, the characters were still the exact same people (right down to their weapons and outfits)
Of course this stated me thinking about my own books (The Jamie Ryder Books) I have never called them a series before, mostly because each one stands on its own fairly well. The overall arc is there, but each book has to hold the reader on its own merits. The conflicts in them all need to be new, and the characters need to grow. I don’t know how many Jamie Ryder Books I am going to end up writing, or should I say how many books in that universe. But I do know each of them have to stand on their own. I thought about a couple of series that I liked in the Urban Fantasy Genre, and one of them (sorry don’t want to disclose which one) if I take the first book, and the last book and read just those, the books in the middle don’t matter. The character is still the same person they were in the first one.
I am going to re-read my own works today and tomorrow – the goal is simple, if I take the first book and the ‘final’ book – other than the fact they have the same name, can I see a difference between the ‘characters’ Jamie for instance is less passive and more grown up in her thinking. Olivia (her friend) will [hopefully] confront her own demons and evolve as a person, even the couple that are helping her need to evolve, even If just a little bit.
I will know I have succeeded if I can look at the person in the first book, and the person in the last book and think “wow, she changed, how did that happen”

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