Last chance…

a fellow Indie trying to raise capital for her book – if y’all have a moment, take a look maybe make a donation!

Cristian Mihai

last_chanceAs I write these words there are 36 hours left in our campaigna day and a half in which we need to raise $901 in order to reach our goal.

The pessimist in me has already given up. He’s certain this can’t be done. He wants me to focus on a plan B or to move on. In a way, his reaction is one of the most natural of reflexes: when faced with what we consider to be an impossible task, our first reaction is to walk away. Thus, we don’t have to waste time and energy on a useless endeavor, which, in a world of “survival of the fittest,” could prove to be a fatal error.

But I also remind myself, over and over again, that any act of creation is a matter of hope. You have to believe in what you are doing, because, whether you…

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