Random updates

Hello All,

some news on several fronts, almost too much to make a coherent blog post, so I’m not going to even try – just put down the happenings, and we can discuss later.

1)  My circle of advisers for my Jamie Ryder book has not closed completely.  of the 3 people I was talking to (to make sure I was able to portray being deaf accurately)  1 of them is still working with me, one told me straight out to go away and the third simply nuked me on social media and refuses to acknowledge my emails.   Still the remaining one should be enough to keep exploring.  [oddly enough the last email I sent out to the 3 was asking how they wanted to be acknowledged in the book in November]

2)  My first book Rakasha is getting a relaunch in 6 days.  there were some grammar & punctuation issues.  not to the level that tripped up most readers, but ones that if you know to look, you’ll find them (things like “.  IE periods outside the quotes.

3) I may have a new model to get some pictures for Rakasha swag.  If she works for a price I can afford,  she very well could end up on a couple of different things as well as on one of my upcoming book covers.

4) my unemployment maybe coming to an end – at least a temporary end.  fingers crossed.

5) my Novel is at the professional editors.  unlike last time, when I asked someone to edit 12.5K words in 6 hours (leading to my relaunch listed above)  this time I have MONTHS to complete.  I am still anticipating a November release.  Soon Jamie Ryder: Possessed will be a real, breathing, touchable item.   with some luck, one of the people who ends up reading it will turn to an adviser in step 1, but I will see.

Hope your all doing well, and I will have updates for you soon!


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