First time wearing my new hat

Hey all,

just a fast update for everyone.  for those that have not heard, I have been named the editor of record for the upcoming Denver Writers Meetup Writing anthology.

Does that mean I have to do the spelling, grammar and other technical details?  GOD NO!! My writing is ‘creative’ sadly that creativity often spills over to my spelling and grammar.  I worry about it only as far as it means I will never publish any written words that are not fully edited.

No,  Editor of record means that I will select the team, they and I will review the submissions and once the list of accepted I get to decide what order and which ones will ultimately be included.  of course one of the stories is mine, but I will try to not play favorites.

I have offered 7 people the opportunity to come over to my house and help review the files.  like my self, a couple of the reviews are also submitters. they will end up having to sit out the review of their piece.

this is the first social event at my house in, forever.  I would be tempted to say its not really social, because everyone is coming is either an editor or writer and will be sober I have doubts about how ‘social’ it will end up being.




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