A new Hope for Rakasha

Hey all,

I just got back from Lunch with the lovely Lacy Tweedy, my new model for ALL of the upcoming Rakasha promotional items. Who knows, she may even escort me to one of the conventions I am doing in October.

She is the lovely .  I have to say I am impressed; She was early to our meeting, charismatic, photogenic and excited about the project! She keeps up with these qualities, and I can see a bright future for her. She is going to make a great Tiger Demon.  I just hope that I am able to help her achieve it while I achieve my own bright future!

It also looks like I have a make up artist to help on the practice shoot, so several ideas are now running around.

I will be posting more information, and maybe a couple of practice pictures

I have my copy back from the editor, so a new version of the book will be ready very soon – I still have to review it, and find any thing that needs to be done – but a new Rakasha will be out very soon.

<fingers crossed>


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