Rakasha (Graphic horror short story. Rated-R.)

I love the reactions to this snippit, if you like this, check out the rest of the book!!

The Community Storyboard

This short story is by Robert Davis.  You can pick up the Rakasha eBook at Amazon for .99 cents.  Again, this is a gory horror story, so you’ve been warned:

The biker stepped into the trailer slowly and painfully, his arm and chest bleeding profusely. Outside he could hear his new “friend” as she rolled his bike into the shed.

“Everything ok, lover? “The woman asked as she came in.

“It’s bullshit that I’m being chased. They rob my house, trash my stuff, and when

I start to defend myself suddenly I’m the bad guy? Now I’m being hunted by almost everyone and living on the run!”

As he sat on the couch, he reflected further. He tried not to show that the plastic tarp meant for the couch―now on the floor―bugged him, really bugged him. He was tempted to tell his only remaining friend that putting a flowered…

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