CHugging along

so after my ‘return’ from the last setback, another one derailed me…

I sware I am getting worn down,  but not enough to quit.  hell I don’t even know if I know how to quit.

my mother passed away, and no matter how much I say “it was coming, we knew it was” or ‘shes not in pain any more’ the truth is still the fact that she is dead

No matter how good or how bad,  no matter the sins we traded, or the disappointments we exchanged,  she was my mother.

For those reading this,  thanks for sticking around.  I will get over this and start to piece things back together soon.  

after all,  if being an author were easy, everyone would do it. 

I am getting back into the saddle again, and am going to start aggressively working on both my novel and my horror works,  reading various things for inspiration. 

next book to complete Shannon Thompsons Minutes before sunset – then either the sequel or some thing by SKN Hammerstone.  

the desire is there, the stories are there,  and I am not going to wait any longer to get them out.


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