Rakasha Review

Greetings all,

no real news on the publishing front, but I thought I would share a review I got on Good reads:

4.5 Stars. Where do I even begin with this? So the author warns all readers in the beginning of the violence, sexual nature and gore and if you don’t like these things don’t read this book. Well, I am not one of these people. I like all those things I however did not realize the degree of them! The Rakasha demon..she crazy!! The opening story of a biker who encounters the Rakasha left me with my jaw on the floor. Next was the longer stories of the origins of the demon and what not. I was glued to the stories wanting to know more yet I was freaked out and mortified at times as well. Chapter 8 is perhaps one of the most disgusting things I’ve ever read but it was extremely good as well! 

The author can write. The stories tell very well of the history of this demon and what its capable of. The author did an excellent job in the creation of this tale and his brutal and gory details will leave even the most proclaimed horror junkies shocked and at times grossed out. Believe me I take nothing away from it, its a great tale but I just cannot stress the violence that this book presents. Truly something I’ve never quite read before. I highly recommend this book to those who have the stomachs for it and for those who think they can’t be scared or totally grossed out. Read this book and tell me it doesn’t leave you somewhat scarred on the inside. To the author Robert Davis, I mean that last line in all good faith! Rakasha means for a great read.

Reviews like this, or any review that is positive,, give me a lot of juice to keep on writing.  its nice to know that readers are appreciating my work.   I hope someday to be able to make enough at this I can make it my full-time job, not just my hobby – but as long as I have fans, I am happy!!!

and if you haven’t yet, you should check out Rakasha.   In a few days, maybe a week, I will do doing my first Blog review of a book.  “Minutes till Sunset” by Shannon Thompson.   I also will be hitting Beginning of a Hero as well.  I sometimes think that because these two authors have ten to fifty times the following I do, they don’t really care about reviews.
Personally, even if I get HUGE (as in following, not Huge from spending too much time eating fast food) I’ll still love my reviews, and will be happy every time I see my book  reviewed or mentioned.  It would be rude of me not to reciprocate the favor, no matter how big they are or how small I am.

the Relaunch

Hello All,

as of today, the new RAKASHA   is out – the links  are still the same, and any one who purchased it should get it on your kindles sometime soon.  Its always difficult to do a re-release, it means you have to admit to your self that you could have done things better, and to admit that some of my decisions about editorial  content and lay out were not as solid as I would wish.   But if I am nothing else, I am a realist.  I rushed to publish, with good reason.  My first editor did as good a job as possible, considering that he had 6 hours to edit 12K words, and was packing for her own vacation.  it took John Mailing 2 weeks to reedit and working with Judith Briles, 2 stories I cut from the book were returned to the book.

I removed them originally because one felt ‘cliche’  and the other was too long with too many obscure demons (most people have never heard of a Naga or Ekimuu so I thought that the story had so many elements it would bog down the book.

but both my beta readers AND my content editor said “put them back in” one said the dropped story of “Jack” was their favorite.

The book will be free tomorrow 8/21/13  I would really suggest you pick a copy up.  the reviews for it are not paid, they are not from ‘friends’  SKN Hammerstone, ML Newman, and Kaine Andrews I meet both after I published, and the original works.  They all had rave reviews for the book, and have had nothing but kind words for the new work.

so my readers, time to hit the BUY.  if you just can’t wait until tomorrow, for less then a 1/4 cup of coffee you can have an excelent horror book, with new concepts on obscure creatures.

Full cover and Wrap

Full cover and Wrap

Reading Out Loud

Hello all,

In the grand race that I call “digging for an audience” Rakasha is moving somewhere between Glacier and Geographic speeds.  The editor has my final version, and I added so much to it, the book is going to be double the length of the original.

I also found a potential new direction for my Tiger Demon.   There is a company that will make it into an audio book.  They will want 1/2 of what I make, but will not charge anything up front.

I can see some advantages to this

1)   exposure  – there are 2 million books printed a year, but only about 150 thousand made to audio books.  Fiction is the most often converted.

2) The Risk to cost ratio is in favor of doing it.  It will cost me nothing, but I stand to make some money from it

3) its one more media that my name is tied to,

Creating a name is crucial. Rakasha is not supposed to make me rich (although if it did I wouldn’t object.)  So my readers, I would LOVE it if you would chime in and tell me, what am I missing ? The audio would be ready the start of October, the prime time for Horror media.   But there must be a down side.

Anyone ? Anyone ? Bueller ? Bueller ?


A new Hope for Rakasha

Hey all,

I just got back from Lunch with the lovely Lacy Tweedy, my new model for ALL of the upcoming Rakasha promotional items. Who knows, she may even escort me to one of the conventions I am doing in October.

She is the lovely .  I have to say I am impressed; She was early to our meeting, charismatic, photogenic and excited about the project! She keeps up with these qualities, and I can see a bright future for her. She is going to make a great Tiger Demon.  I just hope that I am able to help her achieve it while I achieve my own bright future!

It also looks like I have a make up artist to help on the practice shoot, so several ideas are now running around.

I will be posting more information, and maybe a couple of practice pictures

I have my copy back from the editor, so a new version of the book will be ready very soon – I still have to review it, and find any thing that needs to be done – but a new Rakasha will be out very soon.

<fingers crossed>

Rolling Along – another new ‘first’

Hey all,


busy busy busy – we are starting to get more and more submission for anthology,  I have re-edited Rakasha and should have a new one up VERY soon,  the Novel is coming along slowly but surely, just did a photo shoot as a photographer,  and I have put up my very first video on YouTube.


if you ever wanted to know what I really look like, or what I sound like, or about Rakasha’s or even what my writing cave is like you should watch it.

if the answer to all the above is no, you should still watch it!  after all it stars the incredible Robert Davis – author and professional miscreant!

I will have new update in a couple of days, maybe even share the story about “Captain E”  one of the most twisted inventions I have come up with so far.

have a good weekend!

First time wearing my new hat

Hey all,

just a fast update for everyone.  for those that have not heard, I have been named the editor of record for the upcoming Denver Writers Meetup Writing anthology.

Does that mean I have to do the spelling, grammar and other technical details?  GOD NO!! My writing is ‘creative’ sadly that creativity often spills over to my spelling and grammar.  I worry about it only as far as it means I will never publish any written words that are not fully edited.

No,  Editor of record means that I will select the team, they and I will review the submissions and once the list of accepted I get to decide what order and which ones will ultimately be included.  of course one of the stories is mine, but I will try to not play favorites.

I have offered 7 people the opportunity to come over to my house and help review the files.  like my self, a couple of the reviews are also submitters. they will end up having to sit out the review of their piece.

this is the first social event at my house in, forever.  I would be tempted to say its not really social, because everyone is coming is either an editor or writer and will be sober I have doubts about how ‘social’ it will end up being.



Random updates

Hello All,

some news on several fronts, almost too much to make a coherent blog post, so I’m not going to even try – just put down the happenings, and we can discuss later.

1)  My circle of advisers for my Jamie Ryder book has not closed completely.  of the 3 people I was talking to (to make sure I was able to portray being deaf accurately)  1 of them is still working with me, one told me straight out to go away and the third simply nuked me on social media and refuses to acknowledge my emails.   Still the remaining one should be enough to keep exploring.  [oddly enough the last email I sent out to the 3 was asking how they wanted to be acknowledged in the book in November]

2)  My first book Rakasha is getting a relaunch in 6 days.  there were some grammar & punctuation issues.  not to the level that tripped up most readers, but ones that if you know to look, you’ll find them (things like “.  IE periods outside the quotes.

3) I may have a new model to get some pictures for Rakasha swag.  If she works for a price I can afford,  she very well could end up on a couple of different things as well as on one of my upcoming book covers.

4) my unemployment maybe coming to an end – at least a temporary end.  fingers crossed.

5) my Novel is at the professional editors.  unlike last time, when I asked someone to edit 12.5K words in 6 hours (leading to my relaunch listed above)  this time I have MONTHS to complete.  I am still anticipating a November release.  Soon Jamie Ryder: Possessed will be a real, breathing, touchable item.   with some luck, one of the people who ends up reading it will turn to an adviser in step 1, but I will see.

Hope your all doing well, and I will have updates for you soon!