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Hey all,

Hope your weekend went well,  have been working on a new piece, its strange (like a lot of what I write) and I am not sure what I am going to do with it, but according to my beta reader/Uberfan  its interesting and they want it finished!

of course I also have been working on my Jamie Ryder series, and at this point, I found a new Muse.  She is smart, open, funny and smart as a whip.  She is helping me bring Jamie back inside the lines of normal behavior for a young woman.  I am also still trying to work out of the deaf problems, but those are not as important,  worse case I write what I think they are, and when book 1 comes out I find someone that wants to talk to me about it and then I will sort out the details.

if your inclined, my Books fan page is  https://www.facebook.com/pages/Rakasha/501245046624553.  it could use some likes.

have a good weekend every one, and enjoy your extra day off.


Random updates

Hello All,

some news on several fronts, almost too much to make a coherent blog post, so I’m not going to even try – just put down the happenings, and we can discuss later.

1)  My circle of advisers for my Jamie Ryder book has not closed completely.  of the 3 people I was talking to (to make sure I was able to portray being deaf accurately)  1 of them is still working with me, one told me straight out to go away and the third simply nuked me on social media and refuses to acknowledge my emails.   Still the remaining one should be enough to keep exploring.  [oddly enough the last email I sent out to the 3 was asking how they wanted to be acknowledged in the book in November]

2)  My first book Rakasha is getting a relaunch in 6 days.  there were some grammar & punctuation issues.  not to the level that tripped up most readers, but ones that if you know to look, you’ll find them (things like “.  IE periods outside the quotes.

3) I may have a new model to get some pictures for Rakasha swag.  If she works for a price I can afford,  she very well could end up on a couple of different things as well as on one of my upcoming book covers.

4) my unemployment maybe coming to an end – at least a temporary end.  fingers crossed.

5) my Novel is at the professional editors.  unlike last time, when I asked someone to edit 12.5K words in 6 hours (leading to my relaunch listed above)  this time I have MONTHS to complete.  I am still anticipating a November release.  Soon Jamie Ryder: Possessed will be a real, breathing, touchable item.   with some luck, one of the people who ends up reading it will turn to an adviser in step 1, but I will see.

Hope your all doing well, and I will have updates for you soon!

Proof of what I tell everyone

Hello all,


many of you know that I belong to a couple of different writers groups.  I also talk about how you will hear different advise when you are there, and how this information is something you always need to filter and decide what works for you as a writer, not what the majority have to say.

last night I presented a short story called “Ship 13 – the silence of space” its a story [part of a collection] that is centered around a multi-generational ship.  this setting is fascinating, because it puts a microscope to humanity,  when you have only enough materials and space for a set number of people – how do you deal with the most basic of problems? when you have a very finite pool of resources, how do you decide what to spend where on who.

The story is about a man whose daughter is discovered to be deaf.  There is a ship wide vote to her fate, and the story tells the results of that vote.  While fascinating in its own right, I will leave the details about it for you to discover when I publish it.  what I would like to focus on for this blog, is this:   I passed out 8 copies of the story for review. as always when I hand out my raw work, it comes back with several grammar Nazi issues, and some glaring ‘WTF’ issues that I should have caught but didn’t. the interesting thing to me is that the second paragraph of the story and the third were marked on every single copy!  4 people put down how they thought those needed to be edited, chopped.  They did little to ratchet up the tension and were extraneous words on the page.   the other 4 the reviews/people said they loved the hooks, those paragraphs helped both foreshadow the conflict and give an insight to the main character.

me, I like them – and am going to keep them in, cleaned up a bit of course, but still….

so the moral of this entire post is this,  if you want to make everyone happy don’t write, because once you write, someone will not like the words you put on your screen/paper.  If you do insist on writing (like I am doing, and will keep doing) just remember to stay true to your voice and your stories, let the critics make suggestions and be open to them in case their ideas are better [all 8 people hated the last 2 sentences of my story – good sign it needs to be reworked] but don’t let start letting the crowd dictate your story to you.



Twitter – and other Annoyances

Today I had to skip my writing group waiting for someone to come by to buy my truck.

while waiting, I decided to go to twitter, and anyone that was either an agent, or writer or had something funny to say I would follow.  I also would follow anyone that followed me, seamed like a good idea.

turns out twitter decided that I was being aggressive and suspended my account.

only good news out of any of this I was able to jam away on my story, skipped my normal ‘must be perfect and accurate’ and just started to write.

I am sure some of it (a lot of it) is off, I can fix it easily enough [frankly I don’t know how track meets are organized, and/or if they do school VS School of it a lot of schools compete together] but those are details I can learn later.

the parts where my poor protagonist finds her self assaulted with a sharpie, having sexually suggestive things written on her legs, arms chest and other places (everywhere but her face)  that part I have no problem with.

BTW – still hoping to find a deaf pen pal (someone in their early 20’s) so I can get information. as always, if you know someone who might be interested, please point them to me!  thanks

Help a Writer out

I want to put some work up on smashwords, but I don’t have a good cover, or a bad cover or any cover!

The idea of spending 500 to 750 apiece so I can give away some short stories for some reason is unappealing. The idea of spending any money to give them away is unappealing.

What I need is someone to make a cover, or someone with Photoshop to put words on photos I have and do a simple cover that way, nothing too fancy.

So I am putting my hat in my hand and asking:  Anyone out there know a way to get some visuals with words for cheap or free? Without my getting sued over the whole thing?

and BTW – while I am shamelessly begging, if anyone knows a Deaf person that would be willing to trade emails and answer stupid questions for me, please give them my email.

It looks like I am going to have to replace my prior source. While I am writing fiction, I find the best fiction is fact. I don’t want my new book to become factually wrong, unless i chose to make to make it that way.   I don’t ever want it to become exploitive.


R b d a v i s 5@c o m c a s t.n e t if you have ideas!

Logic is for whimps.

I am always amazed by all the illogical things that actually work, and how many logical things don’t.

I have been trying to connect with new people, expand my knowledge and learn from their experiences. This is to both help me as a writer/author and as a human being. I knew this task would be difficult, between the fact that one of the groups of people I am reaching out to tend to be exploited already, and the generally creepiness of the internet (and how disappointing it is that the loudest segment is the perverts and scammers)

I sought out on Craigslist some deaf people to talk to about (thru email) the experience of being deaf, in all of its forms. Most of the time I was hoping to compare what I have been told and what I imagined against reality. I think I ended up with 6 replies (not counting the 24 “Hi I’m [18-24] and horny” replies. Of those 6, I did get 1 person that is answering my emails and both confirming what I had been told, and giving me some new insights (my original source was born deaf, this person had late adolescence onset deafness) I was hoping for 4 or 5 points of view, but it is pretty clear to me that there is a reason people do not trust the internet and I suspect some have doubts about me. I am still in hopes to find a couple more people I can interview by email, but am ready to accept just the two I have.

Logically, in a world with text, email, instant messaging, Facebook and such, we should be better connected to our fellow human beings than ever. In truth, even with all of this electronic communication we are less connected than ever.

On the publishing front, it’s been 22 hours since I sent out my query letter, and no one has filed a restraining order! I’m taking that as a good sign.

Daily discovery.

It’s funny how often it’s the little things, the minutia that is where the truth lies.

My example of this, when I was shooting with a young woman trying to get an elusive shot for my mock up book cover, I had also asked her to make a video. The plan was she would take a towel, put it over her dress, covering it completely and then do a small phrase in ASL. It was based on one of the scenes in my book where I introduced a character and show his humor. She took the towel and the way she chose to cover herself with it made me realize instantly that I had the setup scene wrong. I had described her as having pulled the towel with the opening behind her, then needing her elbows to hold it up. Because I thought/believed that ASL took both hands, this would cause a comedic scene where she is trying to not let her friend into the room, not let him see her naked and somehow trying to communicate using only her ASL. But the way my young model covered herself, then used her ASL made me realize the scene was wrong, or at least needed to be fixed.

It’s almost masochistic but I actually like these moments. The scene would have carried, no one would have caught it other than people that actually do ASL, but I would rather get it right then to know that a real detail is wrong.