Getting back into the saddle

Greetings all,

For those of you who bet in the pool ‘why I have not posted for almost 3 months’ anyone that bought the “is dead” or “has quit” squares have lost.

I have been dealing with a huge and personal tragedy, one I respectfully don’t wish to share, other than to say I am not the first, won’t be the last, and wished I could fix thing to prevent it.

During this time, I have not been creative, or maybe to be accurate I have not be productively creative.   I have been drug down, beaten and my writing has reflected this.

But it’s a new year, and I can’t keep contained any longer, so I am back in the game.  I am working on my writing as always, and I am also working on my photography as well.  In a way this tragedy has freed me, given me options that maybe I had before, but now I can see and feel clearly!

I am attaching a raw, unedited test photo. THEY MAY NOT BE WORK FRIENDLY!!! (they are on the cusp of not being work friendly.)   Its for a new project I am working on, one that I will end up needing to crowd fund, but one that I honestly believe will be worth it.  The Crowd Fund idea, I am not sold on, but I already know how to proceed with it, and am going to try to make the crowd fund more of a “preorder” then a “give me money to produce”.

reactions and advice are appreciated, just try to keep it clean! (and if you hate hate hate it, but don’t have advice on how to improve it – save yourself some typing – I am posting to get input & ideas, not criticism.)

I will be back to my weekly updates, working between the problems.  Thanks for being patient and for still being here.

Cover_-_Demoness_405_(479x1024)As always, your

Reading Out Loud

Hello all,

In the grand race that I call “digging for an audience” Rakasha is moving somewhere between Glacier and Geographic speeds.  The editor has my final version, and I added so much to it, the book is going to be double the length of the original.

I also found a potential new direction for my Tiger Demon.   There is a company that will make it into an audio book.  They will want 1/2 of what I make, but will not charge anything up front.

I can see some advantages to this

1)   exposure  – there are 2 million books printed a year, but only about 150 thousand made to audio books.  Fiction is the most often converted.

2) The Risk to cost ratio is in favor of doing it.  It will cost me nothing, but I stand to make some money from it

3) its one more media that my name is tied to,

Creating a name is crucial. Rakasha is not supposed to make me rich (although if it did I wouldn’t object.)  So my readers, I would LOVE it if you would chime in and tell me, what am I missing ? The audio would be ready the start of October, the prime time for Horror media.   But there must be a down side.

Anyone ? Anyone ? Bueller ? Bueller ?


Authors Gone Wild

Hey all,

For those of you rapidly scrolling up and down looking for pictures, you want girls gone wild.  for those of you reading,  last night at one of my writing groups, one of my fellow members had a piece about how they had stopped reading a poet they loved because he was having an affair.  The ensuing discussion suddenly started around how authors can and can’t, should or shouldn’t behave.

in a perfect world, an authors opinions would be unimportant in relation to their writing. their story craft would stand on its own and their own views of the world and politics and the events of the world would be unimportant.  Of course, in that same world I would have a pet giraffe that I would ride to the store with a killer stereo between its horns and an AC so I didn’t get too hot.

In the real world, especially with the need to use social media, an author will be judged by his views as much as his writing.

say for instance you have a strong view about the de-desalinization of the ocean. (and yes I choose a subject that no one will have an opinion on)  an Author that comes out in favor of oceanic desalinization, some readers that agree with him will dismiss him, either because he is not Pro-desalinization enough, or because they think he is only on board for desalinization to grow a readership.  the other extreme, an author that is willing to chain him self to the intake valve to shut the desalinization plant down and save the plankton. Most readers will decide he is unstable or that he is a publicity hound only trying to get readers.

Sad reality is, no matter what side of the desalinization debate an author is on, the only thing he can do by jumping in on it is loose readers.

My tactic has been simple, people who post things that annoy me, I turn them off my feeds, they can see what I am doing and when/if I start making money, I will contribute to the causes I believe in quietly [and hope that no one ever discovers I am pro desalinization]

we could dwell on how ironic it is that thanks to marketing and social media, an author, who by definition writes words for a living needs to self censor.

How to be a good WOW

Greetings all, no real news but I have been thinking about something that I find interesting, and decided if I liked it you may (after all you’re reading my blog)

I should note this is less for my readers, most of which are fellow authors like me, and more or your significant other.  They are WOW’s or Widows of Writers.

I know your writer isn’t really dead, but they are in their head, practicing their craft, and putting their stories to paper. They aren’t ignoring you (intentionally) but sometimes, when they are in the zone there is little attention left for you.

How to tell you’ve become a WOW is easy enough, just watch the signs.

The signs are easy to see, one day your loved one started to spend more time in your house library. Another sign being your house has a library.  You have more books in your house then you have food items.  You spend fifteen minutes shopping for clothing, but at least an hour at the book store.  They start spending money on EBooks, and try to deny it by claiming it was on-line gambling or porn.  They spend time not only reading books but rereading, studying the techniques and plots.  They can’t tell you your birthday, or even their own, but mention their favorite character and they can tell you their birthday, their parents’ names, and the dates or times of all the important events in their lives.

Once you know the signs, you will realize your significant other is now a Writer, so what to do about it.  One option is to smash all your computers, laptops and break your spouse’s fingers hoping that the pain meds and maybe some psychological help can cure this problem.  The other option is to let them write. (And if my own WOW is reading – I am advocating Option 2)

Once you accept your now a WOW, you should learn how best to support your Writer. Assumedly you also want to do what’s best to support your relationship.  The answer to both is simple.

Never read their work, and never critique their work!

If your heads have stopped spinning, I should point out that the last statement was not intended to be funny. Think about this carefully: Your Writer has poured a piece of his soul into the paper or photons that he is asking you to read.  If it’s great, they will never believe you, after all you’re their spouse; you’re obligated to like it.  If their work is the worst thing to have even been put on paper, and as you read it you wished you had gone to option number 1 above, how do you tell them this? It will be a double crushing blow after all you’re their spouse, your obligated to like their work.   Worse yet, what if it’s good, but not a genre you enjoy? Now you’re really stuck! You can lie [because lying always works so well in a relationship] or you can be brutally honest [because that works even better].

The best way to get out of the entire mess, don’t enter it.  It’s your spouse; odds are you know their password. If you want to read it on the sly for your own sake, that’s safe. Just never tell them.

Other things you can do to help them, help them be 5 places at once. It’s inevitable they are going to start a Facebook author or writer page, they are going to have an amazon page, they are going to have twitter, and Google + and Linked in and Goodreads, Pinterest, the list only grows.  Help them manage their media, even if all you do is let them know there are comments they need to reply to or there are updates they need to make, its support. It shows you care.

I have more advice for WOW’s but I don’t honestly know if I should do more, or just leave it here? Thoughts?

Want to help students enjoy mathematics

[Paying it forward, this is a kickstarted by a friend of mine, and a very worth while idea. Mixing Math and fiction is an intresting approch]

Layout 1

Want to help students enjoy mathematics?

The story centers around high school senior Matthew “MatheMatt” Forsythe who discovers a strange computer and a secret door in his school. Determined to find out more, he and his friends devise a scheme to crack the code…and find much more than they were expecting. Matt and his friend, Kelsie, stumble upon: a strange teleportal, a mysterious stranger who claims that the world is coming to an end because numbers are missing or dying off, and a grueling mathematics ordeal. Matt and Kelsie try to rescue specific numbers like 8, 61 and 313. However, they quickly realize that they may have made a few mistakes along the way…

Help students enjoy more aspects of mathematics by backing my Kickstarter campaign. Please, please, please help me out! Go to the link below to learn more.

Thank you very much!

All the best,

Charles Fischer

Dark Directions.

Hello all, the second book is in striking distance of being done, 2 more chapters, maybe 3. Then I am off to the third installment.

The first book is ready for editing, and while no interest from traditional sources I still have my hopes up, and I am studying how to indi-publish and promote it. (Lets face it, Demon Cats showed me that my current tactics stink.

Now my ‘issue’ for the day last night one of my characters woke me to complain. Something that I have glanced a couple of times in the two books needs to be addressed, and she wants to do it.

I honestly wonder which of us is writing this, me or them! That’s an entirely different blog post, but the arguments she used were all compelling, with a single fault.

The issue she wants me to use is around a mental disorder, (it’s already in the books, but I have never actually addressed it). The subject is somewhat touchy. Much like the ‘Deaf’ thing, IF I were going to include it, even at the level and point that she demanded that I do, that means research and finding someone(s) that will talk frankly about things that are not mentioned in public, let alone with a stranger.   I got luck with the Deaf thing, I had an excellent source, and was able to get enough details to get through the books, and with help from the internet and a fertile imagination, I got enough to (hopefully) not offend anyone, and to (again hopefully) represent how it is to be deaf.

The idea of doing that again with a mental disorder is scary.  Do I even think about crossing into that territory? Will people want me in there? Or will they want me to get out and stay out? Would it be easier once I start publishing my books? Or should I just do it?

Do I follow my character’s Dark Directions or stay in the grey areas where I am most comfortable?

Writing Excercise.

Hello all,

Today I took a seminar by a woman named Ann Randolph. It was interesting, we did timed writing exercises, and we talked about morning writing, there were a few other things like that. if you ever get a chance to take one of her classes, do it. sorry I don’t know if she does classes for people outside of the Denver Metro area, she mentioned ‘onine classes’ but I missed details. (if you really want it I can dig it up)

After the seminar we had a beer, her, I and 2 others. And the discussion came up about how they use digital recorders. I don’t I have a different way of holding my thoughts.

I use musical peanut butter. This term, for those of you that don’t know, is a reference to that ANNOYING as anything song that once you hear you can’t get it out of your brain? No matter how bad you want to. Examples, “Dreamer” by Super Tramp, ‘Livin’ La Vida Loca’ by Ricky martin. ‘Red Solo Cup” by [I forget who]. I would like to apologize to those of you that are now humming one or all three of these songs. Before you go to YouTube to find ANYTHING you can to clear your ear holes, finish reading then look up the “Harp Twins“, their music is awesome at clearing your head of peanut butter, or as effective as you can get.

Anyway if I am driving, and I get one of my killer ideas, I will put on my ‘peanut butter’ play list, and burn the idea into my head, using the peanut butter to stick it there. this works for me incredibly well, at the cost of damaging my limited sanity from putting music in my head that I can’t get out.

Then again I am a writer, so it’s not like I had a lot of sanity to begin with.

Any thoughts about this? Is it a crazy but useful idea, or am I just psycho and should be getting help of some kind? is the link for the girls I mentioned.

what do you call a writer that cant write

I should clarify that comment, I don’t have writers block, far from it I have knocked out blogs for the next couple days, put another 2.5 K words on my second book, did a decent edit on the first book based on some feed back.

but all that aside, the ONE thing I needed to do tonight, was to write a blurb for my first book, a tagline and a summary. How hard can those things be, I know the blurb is a MAX of 400 words, and best done under 250. the Tag line is even easier – a single sentence maybe 2. As for the summary, how hard can it be to put 90K word book into a couple of paragraphs.

Turns out hard enough that I would rather write blog entry’s for the next couple days, but 2.5K on my second book and re-re-re-re-re-re-edit my first book.

I am torn if this indicates that I’m not a good a writer as I think I am, after all I can’t even do a simple few sentences or paragraphs. Or if I should accept that I am long-winded, or at least over passionate about my stores and can’t just to a 5 second burst.

my two tag lines I have are:

After a night Celebrating Jamie, A deaf college girl, discovers a new world full of witches and Demons. Can she keep herself and her family safe as she tries to remove the demon that is possessing her?

Jamie was a typical deaf freshmen girl until the night that a fateful encounter with a demon turned her world upside down. Can Jamie and her friends & family survive this new evils attention?

my 2 fans are torn each liked a different one then the other. and hated the one they didn’t choose.

is this why writers drink ?

Help a Writer out

I want to put some work up on smashwords, but I don’t have a good cover, or a bad cover or any cover!

The idea of spending 500 to 750 apiece so I can give away some short stories for some reason is unappealing. The idea of spending any money to give them away is unappealing.

What I need is someone to make a cover, or someone with Photoshop to put words on photos I have and do a simple cover that way, nothing too fancy.

So I am putting my hat in my hand and asking:  Anyone out there know a way to get some visuals with words for cheap or free? Without my getting sued over the whole thing?

and BTW – while I am shamelessly begging, if anyone knows a Deaf person that would be willing to trade emails and answer stupid questions for me, please give them my email.

It looks like I am going to have to replace my prior source. While I am writing fiction, I find the best fiction is fact. I don’t want my new book to become factually wrong, unless i chose to make to make it that way.   I don’t ever want it to become exploitive.


R b d a v i s 5@c o m c a s t.n e t if you have ideas!

Jamie Ryder: Monolog

I have a friend that wants to shoot a trailer for my book – this is what I came up with, if we go with it or not is debatable, but it turns out he’s not some guy with a 8MM camera and delusions of grandeur, he has a real rig, and full setup – I am impressed.

So this is what I wrote for him, if we can do this I will have to upgrade WordPress so I can upload the Video for all of you. It maybe used for Kickstarter to help me get this done. but that’s a discussion / decision for later.

[Open with a close up of a female face shot with a complete black back ground]

My Name is Jamie Ryder; I was pretty much a normal girl.

[Flash to a close up shot of her outside, flipping her hair to reveal her hearing aid]


[Return to female face, but pulled back to show her shoulders now & show back ground filled with books]

Then I met Ivan the demon.

[Show Jamie talking to ‘handsome stranger’ use lights and/back ground music to show they are in a club]

Now he is stuck inside me, inside my head.

[Special effect Jamie holding her head overlay Ivan over her head]

[Return to female face, but pulled back to show her chest, the back ground filled with books]

And I need him out.

[Do a close up, show a book that looks ‘old’ and has arcane symbols on it]

[Return to female face, but pulled back to show her chest & abdomen , the back ground filled with books]

I need him out before he hurts my friends.

[Show Jamie kicking a young blond man who is on the ground on his hands and knees]

I need him out before he ruins my athletics.

[Show Jamie in a running outfit taking a nasty fall (or on the ground rolling and holding her leg like she is hurt]

I need him out before he harms my school.

[Show Jamie being handed a paper by a male professor with a big red F on it, circled]

I need him out before he damages my love life.

[Show Jamie looking shocked standing by a door as another woman is walking in, the other woman touches Jamie’s face affectionately]

I need him out before his crazy sister Ivanka kills me.

[Cut scene to Ivanka walking up behind Jamie (who is kneeling on the floor looking at a strange book with several other books lying around. Ivanka has her Fangs and Claws bared]