Rebooting – once again.

Wow – almost 4 months since I last posted. I keep saying “I am going to get back into this” but I have decided that fate hears that as “here, take this next” between the ambush divorce, death of my mom, and such – it’s been hard on my writing, hard on my mojo. Hell at one point I gave quitting a serious thought to quitting.

Serious thought lead to a 4 months absence.   But things have stabilized and I have come to some interesting to me conclusions & have a couple new projects to announce here, or at least preform a sanity check on them.

Let me start with the conclusion – The digital world sucks, the way several people behave in the electronic universe is at best reprehensible.  case in point, I have been talking to several authors a various levels of skills and success. I use Facebook, and twitter mostly, and my blog of course. Some of these people have political and religious beliefs that are diametrically opposite of mine, some are like minded. [I will spare you the saying they are right like me] some are men, some women and their age ranges go from 16 to 73. Today I was reaching out to someone that I have worked with in the past, only to find she has blocked my Facebook page, blocked me on Goodreads and even shut down the email address she used. I can’t tell if she quit, or if something I did annoyed her. But its actions like this that make me realize how ‘unreal’ Facebook is, and that the term ‘friend’ needs to be changed to ‘digital being that you sort of know’.  When the stuff hit the fan, several people suddenly stopped talking to me, and a few went as far as to block me [not block my posts, but block me, removing all communications and preventing me from seeing theirs. An unneeded precaution. For me I have only blocked 2 people ever, both of whom decided that their brand of religion was something that I must have. And even those people I tell I am blocking them and why. The whole ‘just block and run’ move, it’s rude and reduces the value of the digital world, and our places in it.

Okay now off my stupid box and time to talk about my new project. I have no less than three books in the works, a SciFi book, a horror book and my series of books – Jamie Ryder.   I also have a visual project as well, a graphic novel of my story ‘Pengalan’ (Graphic in this case meaning illustrated, not just the content). I also have a new piece of swag, a deck of cards complete with a new card game that I will be releasing as prizes and promotional materials. Next book signing, I will give them away. So any thoughts about the deck of cards and/or the game?